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Browser Recommendation:

These courses are tested in various configurations but we strongly recommend Internet Explorer 9 or higher with this site added to Compatibility View.

If the site is not added to Compatibility View, your score may not be recorded.

Turn off all pop-up blockers. Pop-ups must be allowed for the course and assessment to launch.

JavaScript must be enabled.


Assessment Score:

For Delphi.fdc course:

View your Certificate of Achievement. Your highest score is recorded. An 80% is considered passing.

For Delphi 9.5.3 courses:

If you don't see a score next to the Assessment link on your course page, then no score is recorded.

The score displayed is the score from your last attempt. This is the only score your professor will see and the only score we can verify.

No previous scores are retained in the database.

For example, if you score an 84% and retake the test and then score a 78%, only the 78% is recorded.


Retaking the Assessment:

For Delphi.fdc course:

You may retake the assessment as many times as you like. Your highest score is recorded.

For Delphi 9.5.3 courses:

 You may retake the assessment as many times as you like but only the last score is recorded.


For Delphi.fdc course:

The certificate may be printed at any time.

When the certificate is printed, a PDF of the certificate is sent to your account's email.

For Delphi 9.5.3 courses:

The certificate can only be printed at test time. I cannot be reprinted later.

We recommend printing to PDF to avoid any printer-related issues.

Browser Compatibility:

The following information is provided for convenience and is not an endorsement or certification for any browser or operating system.

For Delphi.fdc course:

All modern browsers, with default settings and no add-ons, should work. There are browser and operating system configuration settings that may interfere with functionality.

For Delphi 9.5.3 courses:

2016 configuration testing results using default settings unless noted otherwise.

Internet Explorer 9+ is the officially recommended browser.

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